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Online Registration: Begins June 1 and ends Thursday, August 3, 2017

Check-In & Judging

There are different check-in times for the various classes to ensure freshness and quality.
Please confirm your correct check-in time from list below.

CHECK-IN: Tuesday, August 8 – 9am - 8pm, Lincoln Room

JUDGING: Wednesday, August 9 – 8am (Closed to Public)

Floral Arrangements, Silk - House Plants - Patio Plants - Fairy Gardens - Farm Products

Vegetables – Fruit – Nuts - Food Baskets - Garden Displays - Scare Crows

CHECK-IN: Wednesday, August 9– Noon - 6pm, Lincoln Room

JUDGING: Wednesday, August 9 – 8pm (Closed to Public)

Fresh Cut Flowers – Herbs – Perennials – Floral Arrangements

Show Times Open to Public:The Horticulture area is closed during judging on Wednesday, but the rest of the static exhibits will be open from Wednesday, August 9th – Saturday, August 12th, 10:00am-10:00pm


General Show Rules


How To Sign Up: 

Step One: Read the rules and regulations. 

Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations  

Entry Fees: None


1st place: $5.00
2nd place: $4.00
3rd place: $3.00
4th place - $2.00 (only in Youth)
Also Special Awards

PREMIUM PAYOUTS will only be paid during the release times at the Premium Payout Station. No payouts will be paid at any other time. If you do not collect your premiums during these times, you will forfeit your winnings!

Release Times: Saturday, August 12th, 9:00pm-10:30pm or Sunday, August 13th, 9:00am-Noon.

Show Rules
ONLY ONE EXHIBIT MAY BE ENTERED FOR EACH CLASS NUMBER with the exception of "Any Other" classes which can be doubled up.

All Entries must be entered in groups in the number specified in class descriptions.

Youth Divisions – These Divisions are open to youth ages 5-9, ages 10-14 and ages 15-18, by January 1 of 2017.

Adult Divisions – These Divisions are open to adults 19 and older as of January 1, 2017.

Premium payouts must be picked up at the premium payout station at the time of release only. Specialty items shown in Largest and Best Single Fruit or Vegetable cannot be shown under any other class.

Special Award for: Largest and Best Single Fruit or Vegetable additional $5. 

Spoiled produce will be disqualified and removed.  Wilted flowers will also be removed.

Food Basket
One entry is allowed in this class per family. Entry will be shown in a bushel basket turned on its side. Baskets will be furnished by the Fair Board. NO decoration allowed on basket. NO canned goods. Entry is to be an assortment of vegetables and/or fruit consisting of any six varieties in suitable amount; not more than a level bushel basket. The basket will be judged for quality and general appearance.


Artistic Arrangements
Containers (can be homemade or purchased) will also be judged.

Special Award: Champion $10, Reserve Champion $7


Fresh Cut Flowers
Pre-show preparation of cut plant material includes grooming and conditioning. "Grooming" is removal of all dirt, bugs, and mature foliage as neatly and inconspicuously as possible. "Conditioning" is allowing cut stems to stand in water for several hours before they are to be used in an exhibit. All foliage below the waterline must be removed before displaying. Exhibitor must furnish container. Please have the container properly weighted down so that it will not tip. Special Award: Best in Lot $5


Fresh Artistic Arrangements – Novice is for exhibitors with no training or less than one year of formal training in floral design.


Scare Crow
One entry per person is allowed in this division. Scare Crow made of natural and non-natural (paper-mache, plastic, etc.) Height 4'-5' maximum. Must be secured to a 6' stake. Arm spread 2'-4' maximum. Scare crow must be placed in a bucket of sand or stand - this is to be provided by the exhibitor. Please not different age categories.


Mr. Potato Head
Potato decorated to look like a person or character. Must use all natural materials.


Garden Display
Must consist of no more than 10 varieties, or less than 5 varieties. Display in the container of your choice. Be creative. Display will be judged on quality, general appearance and creativity. Produce may be purchased or grown.


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