Mutton Bustin'

McClain's Mutton Bustin'

Monday, August 7 at 6pm - Pavilion 4 (Amy Countryman Arena)

Mutton Bustin' is a fun rodeo event for kids 3 and up! Just hang on and go for the ride of your life. Fun to watch. Fun to do.

It's great entertainment for everyone!

 Please read the rules, regulations and waiver before filling out the form.  


Mutton Bustin' Entries are open



Rules and Regulations

Open to children 3 years and up (child must be 3 by July 26, 2016). Child must weigh 60 lbs. or less will be weighed at check-in to verify weight requirements. Entries are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Only 96 entries will be accepted. Once 96 entries have been received, no more entries will be accepted. A maximum of 10 alternates will be selected. Walk-up participants may be accepted at the discretion of the Lancaster Event Center and McClain's Mutton Bustin, if 96 entries have not been met. Parent/guardian of participant must sign a waiver at the event, before the child will be allowed to participate.


Helmets are provided for safety. Instructions are provided on the best way to ride a sheep.


PLEASE NOTE! Registrants must check-in and be weighed between 3:00-5:00pm on Monday, August 8th. Deadline to enter: 12:00 Noon, July 25, 2016, or when maximum number of entries have been met.





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