April 29, 2014 Equine Biosecurity Update


We were sorry to hear on Sunday evening of 1-2 additional horses that appeared to be at the LEC on April 10-14, 2014 at the Double B Barrel Bash being impacted by the EHV1 virus in adjoining states. Per Renea Bolling of the Double B Barrel Bash, these horses and no other horses at the event exhibited signs of this virus (see her helpful Bonus Race Finals Facebook page for further information). We contacted the Nebraska State Veterinarian, Dr. Dennis Hughes, on Monday and he confirmed that no cases have been diagnosed in Nebraska. He and two of his staff veterinarians then consulted with us again on our ongoing equine bio-security procedures which have been updated below in our continuing effort to provide our horse shows with the safest environment we can.

LEC Equine Biosecurity Actions

The Lancaster Event Center has decided to conduct before Friday morning a thorough disinfection of all buildings where horses have been present in April (most of our buildings totaling over 300,000 square feet) including: Pavilions 1, 2, & 3; Amy’s Arena and the Multi-purpose Arena. We are using the highly recommended, natural, safe & effective disinfectant used in many horse facilities, called Nixall, you can find more information at nixall.com. Attached are photos of our disinfection in progress as we speak.
In addition to spraying all group areas (aisles, arenas, walkways, doorways) and making stall disinfecting spray available to horse owners as we did in early April when this recent outbreak was first reported, we are now disinfecting EVERY stall top to bottom (floor, walls, bars). We are exploring if we can get the heat on in the buildings with dirt floors to help get it nice and dry as well as it is true the virus can persist in dirt up to 35 days if in a cool & wet environment.
Upon arrival, horse owners will find that the LEC is continuing to offer ready-to-spray Nixall in convenient spray bottles and cleaning kits (bucket, gloves, rags) for sale at a reasonable price which we can deliver along with shavings.

LEC Upcoming Horse Shows

We have asked three small horse events scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week totaling around 100 horses to postpone to any time after Friday just so we could have the facility clear to do a
thorough disinfecting. We appreciate the support from the 4-H Level Testing, the S Bar S Barrel Club and UNL Rodeo Club on this request. All future horse shows on the LEC schedule are still planned to be held starting with the Pinto Show / 4-H Lucky Lopers and the Blue Valley Quarter Horse Shows this weekend starting Friday, May 2nd.

What Horse Owners Can Do

We encourage horse owners to keep vigilant on your own horse’s health as they travel (working with your own vet on vaccinations, monitoring temperature, etc.) and stay informed about the EHV1 virus. The Nebraska State Vet has just recently updated their site with many helpful documents for your information: http://www.nda.nebraska.gov/animal/equine_herpesvirus.html
Please contact your horse promoter if you have further questions and we encourage horse promoters to contact us at the LEC or the Nebraska State Vet with any further questions.
Statement from Nixall: Only EPA disinfectant that will kill all the CDC Super bugs that is Non-Toxic to animals and humans! The US Marines and the University of Oregon have shown that the active ingredient in Nixall is 100 times more effective that bleach. See nixall.com for more information.


This Lancaster Event Center Memo is for informational purposes only. The document information was drawn from a variety of reputable sources and attention to detail was taken in preparation, however, the Lancaster County Agricultural Society and the Lancaster Event Center offer no guaranty of completeness or effectiveness of the recommendations and protocols for achieving infection control at equine events.


Enclosure: four pictures of disinfecting in progress