Guidestar Platinum Seal The Lancaster County Agricultural Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit of publicly-elected board of passionate volunteers who run the Lancaster Event Center (LEC) and Lancaster County’s Super Fair to the benefit of Lancaster County, Nebraska and its citizens. Their mission is to share experiences in a unique venue that showcases the agricultural nature of Lancaster County and to contribute greatly to the county’s youth, culture and economy.

The facility provides a safe and fun environment for families all year long and drives economic impact to the surrounding area and reduces tax liability of the local community. As a non-profit with over 400,000 square feet, 160 acres and a County Fair that needs to be maintained, continually improved and accessible to the benefit of youth and the community for years to come, please consider giving generously to help us continue to…let the good times grow!



Where Your Donations Go

  • Maintain core staff to keep fairgrounds open to community services such as Lincoln Food Bank, American Red Cross and delivery of City, County and State critical services needed during this pandemic--see all groups served in past year below.
  • Keep up with fairgrounds upkeep that can’t wait until after the pandemic such as paying utilities to prevent freezing inside our buildings, repairing roof leaks etc.
  • Help purchase COVID-related safety supplies for our crew and public e.g. disinfectant, plexiglass, masks, gloves
  • To non-profit groups who come out to volunteer to help with the Super Fair and other events while saving the fairgrounds labor costs

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Four Easy Ways to Donate

1. Text-to-Donate: send LECFairgrounds to 44-321

2. Click below to support through online donation 

3. Send 2% of your Amazon shopping to go to the fairgrounds everyday—click on Amazon Smile logo below!

4. Send a check to "Lancaster County Agricultural Society" at the following address: 
  Lancaster Event Center fairgrounds
  4100 N 84th St. Lincoln, NE 68507



Did you know you have $300 to give in 2020 without costing you a dime?  Congress passed a one-time pandemic 2020 tax credit available for all taxpayers to choose charity of their choice—you don’t have to itemize to get this “free” money to give!


Prefer to help over the longer-term instead of now?

NEW- Contribute to our Endowment Fund – Ensure that the Lancaster County fair and fairgrounds are around for another 150 years. ($10 minimum)

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Donor Bill of Rights