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Your Space. Your Place. 

You're behind the impact, reach and growth of the Lancaster Event Center at your Lancaster County Fairgrounds. With 69% of Lancaster County residents visiting every year and 82% loving what they see--this nationally-leading, multi-use facility we've built and are growing together over the last 18 years is something we can be proud of!


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Key changes this year:

Exhibitor Trailer/Semi/Delivery Truck Parking in N grass lots due to construction in east parking lots Areas blocked due to construction in progress:

  • Hillside W of Pavilions 2 & 3—only access for P2 & P3 is from the east
  • If needed for public overflow--Two northern lots on east will be opened after ground frozen due to fresh grading
  • Small area in campground blocked off—still pushing cars from Gate 3 to campground 1st each morning to use SW Ex Hall entrance

West Havelock closed off for widening of Havelock that will be completed by later in 2019

  • Detour from LEC to Havelock Business District will be signed going N on 84th to Cornhusker Hwy to 70th back to Havelock

LEC NE Power Farming Show 2018 Public Parking Map

Current event impact. LEC has grown every year since opening in 2001 to now host over 320 events for a 1/2 million visitors (see annual show attendance at a glance)!  The incremental economic impact of all the out-of-county visitors was recently measured by UNL in an economic impact report—read how LEC brings $40 million and over 500 jobs to the county each year!

New event impact. And LEC continues to grow its impact each year through existing event growth (such as Cornhusker Classic Quarter Horse show in June has nearly tripled in size over the last three years to become a top 10 show in the USA) as well as new events choosing LEC—see our latest news below about the NHSFR choosing Lincoln again as of January 2019!

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This is the annual meeting of the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners and the Lancaster County Ag Society to discuss the management of county funds and care for county property. A long running partnership between two separate county-level publicly-elected entities created under Nebraska state law. Nineteen years ago, the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners first approved the bonds to start building the Lancaster Event Center (LEC) to open in 2001. They challenged the Ag Society to keep the fairgrounds open year-round for other events which was not the practice back in the day.  It wasn’t easy for the Ag Society to beat the chicken and egg question of how to fund year-round staff to do this starting from zero events. Now at 322 events, nearly ½ million visitors annually creating $39.5M economic impact it seems the County Board was on to something! Other fairground experts, have said that LEC is actually now considered to be on leading edge of what fairgrounds can do for their local communities—the annual county fair is just the beginning!  


Minutes (including meeting presentations: Super Fair Report from Jamie Bauman, LEC Report from Amy Dickerson & Impact Study preview from Dr. Eric Thompson)