Exhibitor Policies

The Lancaster Event Center is dedicated to providing an exciting and memorable guest experience while ensuring the safety and security of all guests. The following guide provides regulations and rules for all exhibitors and lessors attending any Lancaster Event Center Fairgrounds event.

Base Rental Services

Base rental fee provides only: basic reserved facility and event/show office at location, floor space, normal utilities including house lighting, ventilation, heat or air conditioning, as appropriate for the event, and restrooms and ordinary maintenance including cleaning of restrooms, removal of garbage, vacuuming and sweeping of floors, one wireless microphone per location, labor and equipment, including tables, chairs, tabletop or freestanding podium for the initial setup, based on availability, sufficient stage risers, based upon availability.

NO SUBLETTING OF ANY BUILDING SHALL BE ALLOWED. The Lancaster Event Center SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any item left in any building or surrounding grounds after the doors have been locked. Rental of facility and fees shall be negotiated each year. Notwithstanding anything in this paragraph to the contrary, Lessee may assign booth space to individual vendors who will sell merchandise except for outside food & beverages as specified below. Lessee may collect an exhibitor's fee from vendors for the event.

Event security, event medical/first aid service, decoration and related services, storage of any exhibit/event related materials, special lighting, labor charges for additional services not specified in the contract, electrical outlets not specified in the contract, communication services such as telephone, fax, or data transmissions, Fire Marshal, labor and equipment to reset the room not specified in the contract.


Deposit Schedules

RESERVATION/DAMAGE/KEY DEPOSIT: A security deposit of minimum of 5% of the base facility rental value, unless otherwise specified, is required and shall be paid within thirty (30) days of receipt of contract in order to hold the date you have requested. If the security deposit is not received within thirty (30) days, this Agreement shall be null and void. The security deposit shall be applied to the invoice at the time of billing. In the event of cancellation, the security deposit is forfeited. The security deposit may also be used by the Lancaster Event Center, in its sole and absolute discretion, to secure the payment of or the performance of any of the following agreements by the Lessee:
(a) The payment of the cost of repair of any damage caused by Lessee to the Lancaster Event Center or its equipment;
(b) To pay any unpaid rent
(c) To pay any other costs or charges, which the Lessee has agreed to pay under this agreement;
(d) To pay any other costs, which are reasonable or necessary, upon the termination of this agreement;
(e) To return the Lancaster Event Center to the condition it was on the date of commencement of this Agreement (ordinary wear and tear not included).
If Lessee fails to pay or perform any of the Lessee's obligations under this Agreement, any part or all of the security deposit may be used by the Lancaster Event Center.          


Public Liability Insurance

A Certificate of Insurance is required as outlined below and must be received in the Lancaster Event Center Main Office 60 days prior to commencement of the event.

Lessee agrees to carry Commercial General Liability insurance, including Premises/Operations and Products/Completed Operations coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate for bodily injury and/or property damage, unless otherwise specified by LEC. In addition, a $1,000,000 Umbrella Liability policy, unless otherwise specified by LEC, over the base Commercial General Liability coverage is required for the following events/renters: Bull Riding, Barrel Races, Rodeos, Equine events of any type, Cattle Shows of any type, Mud Runs, and Rental to Motor Sports Events of any type. Said insurance shall be with an insurance carrier acceptable to the Lessor (A M Best and rating of A+ or better) and shall name the Lessor as an additional insured. Proof of such insurance shall be provided in writing to the Lessor, at its Administration Office at Lancaster Event Center, Lincoln, Nebraska. Said insurance shall be in full force and effect at all times when Lessee is making any use or occupying in any manner the Lancaster Event Center or carrying on any activities associated with or incidental to the use of the Lancaster Event Center.

If you need assistance with insurance, you may contact the Lancaster Event Center's insurance provider to get a very reasonably-priced policy for your event. Contact UNICO Insurance, Ed Packard, 4435 O Street, Lincoln NE 68510 at phone 402-434-7204 or 800-755-0048 or fax 402-434-7272.


State and Local Laws              

Lessee is required to be aware of and compliant of local and state laws including fire safety, alcohol consumption, traffic rules and tax laws. For more information on sales & use tax and income tax & withholding laws that apply to events, please see information guides for "Sales at Special Events" at www.revenue.ne.gov or contact our representative, Brandy Kennec, at the Nebraska Department of Revenue at 402-471-5870 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Note that non-profits are not entirely exempt from these tax rules.   



Our physical location is 4100 N. 84th St., Lincoln, NE 68507. We are located off Exit 409 from Interstate 80.



Ample, free parking is available throughout the grounds on asphalt, gravel and grass lots. There are some designated no parking areas clearly marked on the grounds. Violation of the posted "No Parking" signs shall subject vehicle to towing and impoundment. Lessee is required to help communicate and enforce the parking regulations with their vendors and visitors. 



Overnight camping fees are not included in the rental fee for these facilities. Overnight camping fees are $25 per camper per night with electricity of 30 amp or 50 amp, with 100 sites on grass and 100 sites on rock. Water is available at the dump station nearby.


Smoking Policy

In compliance with local and state laws, the Lancaster Event Center is a smoke-free facility.



Lessee is required to use Lancaster Event Center security personnel for events with 500 or more people or when liquor is served or at the discretion of lessor. See services price list for more details. No outside security personnel of any kind may operate on the Lancaster Event Center property without written approval from the Lancaster Event Center Managing Director.


Medical Services

Lessee may be required to use on-site, on-call ambulance services when their event warrants it such as rodeos, runs, high number of attendees etc. The Lancaster Event Center recommends Midwest Medical Transport due to their familiarity with our facility and due to their offering a significant discount for our customers. Contact Evon Koeppen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 402-417-6534 to arrange for these services for your event. Lessee must notify Lancaster Event Center in advance if an ambulance will be on site to coordinate with our parking plan.


ATM Locations

For your convenience, there are automated teller machines (ATMs) located throughout the buildings.


Electronic Sign Advertising

Promotion on the outdoor electronic sign is provided at no cost starting on the Monday of event show week. If event falls on Saturday or Sunday, the event will be advertised on the prior Monday. If event falls on Monday, the event will only be advertised on event day. Additional days are available for $20 per day. Please contact Lancaster Event Center for more information.



If Lessee wishes to advertise their events with lighted mobile signs, the vendor is Lessee's choice but the signage plan must be approved in writing by the Lancaster Event Center Managing Director no later than 30 days before they are installed. Signs may not be posted at any entrance gate to the Lancaster Event Center. No rented signs may be placed for an event, more than 7 days prior to a scheduled event. Signs may be posted at rented buildings if they do not interfere with traffic flow or pedestrian safety. Preferred locations at building entrances or main intersections must be reserved for the next nearest event. Events more than one weekend in the future, must take secondary sign locations, until preferred location is available. Other locations may be allowed with permission from the Lancaster Event Center management.


Two-Way Radios

The show receives one (1) two way radio at no charge to communicate requests to the LEC staff on duty. Rental of additional two way radios may be available per services price list.


Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is provided exclusively by the Lancaster Event Center. The Show will be provided one connection for their show office at no charge. Lessee, exhibitors, vendors and visitors can purchase internet connections at fair market rates upon connection based on the length of time and speed of service they require. No outside wireless providers are permitted at the Lancaster Event Center.


Outside Vending/Solicitation

The distribution of promotional items, handbills, flyers, pamphlets, printed material as well as solicitation of signatures without written authorization from the Lancaster Event Center is strictly prohibited. The selling or sampling of merchandise, food, beverages, tickets or other items on the property without written authorization from the Lancaster Event Center is strictly prohibited.


Banners and Signs

The Lancaster Event Center has year-round relationships with sponsors that may include a permanent vendor location, permanent banner signage, and/or display equipment and/or material. Sponsors are added on a continual basis throughout the year. No Lancaster Event Center sponsor display material, banner or equipment may be removed for any reason. If any item is removed, there shall be a $250 fee for replacement of said item.

Banners and signs may only be hung with Lancaster Event Center approval in designated areas. No tape of any kind may be used on any painted surface other than 3M Command Strip or blue painter's masking tape. Tape or other fasteners left behind or damaging LEC buildings will be charged at rate of $45/hour/laborer to correct.
Banners and signs must not be obscene or cause any disturbance with other fans or equipment. Signs cannot interfere or block other guests from viewing events or with fire safety equipment / exits. The Lancaster Event Center reserves the right to remove any banner or sign without exception. No media advertising signs or remotes permitted without Lancaster Event Center approval.

No temporary signs advertising the event are allowed on Lancaster Event Center property along 84th Street or Havelock Ave. Lancaster Event Center requests that the Lessee include building(s) name and location in all advertising in order to direct attendees to the correct building location at the Event Center. If Lessee requires additional signage, signage services will be offered that fit your needs that are consistent with local laws.


Alcoholic Beverage Policy

No alcohol may be brought into the Lancaster Event Center. All persons must be age 21 or older and provide legal identification to purchase alcoholic beverages. Management has the right to refuse service at any time. Alcohol sales can be terminated at any time at the discretion of Lancaster Event Center management. By Nebraska State Law it is unlawful to consume alcoholic beverages at the Lancaster Event Center or adjacent grounds, except when purchased in a licensed location at the Lancaster Event Center.


Intoxicated Guests

The Lancaster Event Center reserves the right to deny entry to intoxicated guests. Any intoxicated guests causing a disturbance during an event will be asked to leave the facility.


Food and Beverage

The Lancaster Event Center Catering and Concessions shall be the exclusive provider of food and beverage service in all facilities and the surrounding property, and shall retain all revenues received. Food and beverage service includes, but is not limited to, the sale of beverages (alcohol and otherwise), and food items. The Lancaster Event Center Concessions offer a full range of menu choices from the traditional hot dogs and nachos to the palette-pleasing gourmet pizza and steak sandwiches and much more. Please note that outside food and beverages may not be brought into the Lancaster Event Center by any individual, including attendees, participants, exhibitors, employees, subcontractors, or representatives of Lessee, without written permission from Lancaster Event Center management. Lessee will not be allowed to sell, give away, or distribute samples of any food or beverage items without written permission from Lancaster Event Center management.

Lancaster Event Center asks that promoter add the following rules to their contract/participant information: "No outside food or beverages can be brought to the Lancaster Event Center including coolers and deliveries of prepared food from outside food establishments. Alcoholic beverages can only be consumed when sold by the Lancaster Event Center in designated areas. No sales or sampling of food products from vendor booths without prior approval from Lancaster Event Center. "

Any vendors giving samples of their (homemade or purchased) food product must have a level IV food handlers permit and/or catering permit on file at the Lancaster Event Center and a signed agreement and/or statement agreeing that it shall be small sample ONLY with one sample per customer and said statement on file at Lancaster Event Center. All arrangements shall be agreed upon not less than 30 days PRIOR to show. If agreements not on file, Lancaster Event Center reserved the right of refusal.

Please also note alcoholic beverages may not be taken out of the Lancaster Event Center. Lancaster Event Center shall furnish all food and liquor concessions at its customary charges and fees, and reserves the right to close food/beverage service at its discretion.
Contact the LEC Concessions Manager for your concessions, catering and banquet to customize our food service to your needs with a specific quote to be finalized no later than 30 days prior to your event. Any special ordering of meals requested will be charged at a per person rate to be determined and agreed upon through LEC Concessions Manager.


Electrical Hookups

Events with 1-2 Show Days Ordered 5 business days or more prior to show setup Less than 5 business days notice before setup
120 Volt Outlets or Drops $30/outlet/show day $60/outlet/show day
208 Volt Outlets or Drops $60/outlet/show day $120/outlet/show day

Power strips are preferred. Any type of multiple plugs, such as twin sockets or cube tap must comply with UL listed regulations. Any type of multiple plugs, such as twin sockets, cube tape and etc. will not be permitted. Any such connections found in booth will, out of necessity, be rewired by Lancaster Event Center Electrician to conform to STATE FIRE MARSHALL REGULATIONS. Any electrical hookups found to not be compliant with fire code will be subject to a minimum $250 fine on the Lessee's final invoice plus cost to repair to fire code and UL standards at rate of $95/hour with 1 hour minimum. Lancaster Event Center will not be responsible for any equipment hooked to electrical service.

Lessee to provide electrical layouts & requests no later than 5 days in advance of setup day. Lessee will communicate any additional requests directly to LEC Electrician John LeSage. John will provide LEC with accounting of all hookups performed to LEC with copy to Lessee by the first day of the show to resolve any disputes and to be added to the final invoice.


Natural Gas Hookups

Lessee to provide a booth list (booth number, vendor contact name/number/email) and map of gas hookups to the LEC no later than 30 days in advance or be subject to a minimum $250 rush fee. All natural gas hookups will be ordered and the required permits and inspections ordered by Lancaster Event Center to ensure safety of our guests and facility and compliance with local laws and building codes.

Lessee will be charged on their invoice at cost + 10% handling for install and gas used including LEC labor time to manage the project with a minimum charge of $150 plus permit costs per hookup (this would be if less than 75' from existing natural gas hookup and along perimeter of building walls). Fee will be reduced for materials provided by exhibitor as long as allowed by code. LEC will provide a building map with gas hookups marked and areas of the building where gas hookups are not allowed (mainly in the center of the building).

Displays with gas must have gas hookup location marked 48 hours in advance of show opening to allow time for hook up, testing and city inspection or be subject to a rush fee. Lancaster Event Center will not be responsible for any equipment hooked to natural gas service.


Outside Equipment

Note: LEC to advise types of heaters permitted by Fire Marshall.
Use of electrical heaters are allowed if the heater has a 1,500 watt maximum. Using an extension cord to run electricity to heaters are not allowed and electrical heaters must be 3 feet away from combustibles (see heater's manual). Electrical heaters need to be turned off when unsupervised. Gas or propane heaters are NEVER allowed.

Use of electrical equipment of standard personal-use size (e.g. household-size fans, laptops, cell phones) will be allowed using existing building 110 outlets. However, use of family or commercial-size equipment drawing beyond personal use quantity of electricity will be potentially charged an additional electrical fee to the Lessee including use of turbo fans, Circuit II-type hair dryers, and refrigerators. Swamp or evaporative coolers ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME.
Use of cooking equipment such as microwaves, crockpots, grills, hotplates and smokers are not allowed at any time due to fire hazard unless exception granted in writing by the LEC Managing Director and Lessee enforces fire code in terms of cord handling and having fire extinguishers of certain size/type nearby.
Open flame cooking in the buildings is not allowed under any circumstances. Propane tanks are not allowed in the buildings without written permission of the LEC Managing Director and in that case must still be limited to 1 pound container per Fire Marshall.

Smoke machines are not allowed at any time as they interfere with fire alarm system.

Lancaster Event Center will not be responsible for any personal equipment used at our facility.


Equipment Rental

All equipment will be operated and setup by Lancaster Event Center operations personnel unless otherwise approved by the LEC Managing Director in writing. Tables, chairs, risers, etc., in excess of rental agreement will be made available at applicable rates up to available inventory. See services list for latest pricing.
Lessee may work with decorator of their choice or LEC recommended decorator offering special rates for LEC customers: Becky Boehm with AAA Rents at 402-467-4151 or www.aaarentsevents.com or Brian Dorn with Midwest Tent & Events at 402-261-6784 or www.midwesttentandevents.com for pipe & drape, chairs, tables, easels etc. as desired. Lessee to notify LEC of setup and tear down times for any outside equipment rental on work orders for each space where applicable.


Public Address System

The following locations have dedicated wireless microphones which are labeled on the microphone:
Lincoln Room (2)
Multi-Purpose Arena (2)
Pavilion 1 (2)
Pavilion 2 (1)
Pavilion 3 (2)
Pavilion 4 (Amy's Arena) (2)
Wireless microphones are to be checked out in the Lancaster Event Center Administration Office and checked back in at the conclusion of the event. If any microphones are not checked in at the conclusion of the event, a replacement fee of cost + 10% handling shall be charged to the Lessee.


Stalls and Shavings  

Standard rental of stalls shall be charged on the fee schedule in the latest services price list. Counting of stalls will be taken by LEC Staff and reported to the show office each morning. (Forms for signatures of count agreements will be provided by LEC Staff.) Early and late stalls will be charged at $25.00 per stall per day and will be collected by Lessee unless otherwise agreed upon in the show contract.

Shavings are charged at $11.00 per bag ($10.26 plus 7.25% sales tax). Shows are encouraged to use LEC's pre-pay and pre-bed service for faster check-in experience by getting shavings orders with payment and stall maps to LEC no later than 2 weeks before your show. You may have your exhibitors reserve and pay for their shavings (and camping, disinfectant etc.) directly with LEC by calling us at 402.441.6545 or emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Online ordering can be done at ONLINE PORTAL.

Lessee is required to communicate to their exhibitors: "LEC shavings service includes disinfecting of each stall, delivery to your stall and post-show soiled shavings removal. No outside shavings are allowed. If outside shavings or other bedding materials other than rubber mats are found in the daily stall counts, show manager will be charged an additional $50.00 per stall."


Freight or Shipment Materials

Lancaster Event Center will accept any non-perishable, non-hazardous materials, equipment or freight sent to the facilities, only if such delivery is clearly marked to indicate the intended receiver and the name of the event as follows:
Lancaster Event Center
Attention: Show Name / Booth (Number)
4100 N. 84th St.
Lincoln NE 68507
Lancaster Event Center will not accept C.O.D. Deliveries. All deliveries will be accepted in the Lancaster Event Center main office and will remain in that location or a secure bulk storage location of the Lancaster Event Center's choice. The Lancaster Event Center will deliver all standard size packages to a central location in each building for exhibitor pickup by start of setup. Non-standard, large/heavy packages can be delivered at rate of $45/hour labor charge.


Lost and Found

During and after events, lost and found items are turned in and stored in our Main Office in the front of the Lincoln Room. Found items will be stored for 10 days following an event. The Lancaster Event Center is not responsible for any lost, stolen or misplaced items left in the building after the doors are locked and lights are turned off after the show.


Additional Regulations

1. LIABILITY Lessor shall not be responsible for any damage to exhibits, merchandise, or concession caused by thefts, wind, hail, fire or water or any cause whatsoever. Lessee shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Lessor against any and all losses and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees), claims, costs, causes of action, damage to property, arising out of or in consequence of this agreement, but only to the extent such injuries of damages arise out of any act or omission of Lessee, including Lessee's officers, officials, employees, volunteers, agents, contractors, guests and invitees. Lessor shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Lessee, including Lessee's officers, officials, employees, volunteers, agents, contractors, guests, vendors and invitees against any and all losses and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees), claims, costs, causes of action, damage to property, arising out of or in consequence of this agreement, but only to the extent such injuries of damages arise out of any act or omission of Lessor, including Lessor's officers, officials, employees, volunteers, agents, contractors, guests and invitees.
2. CONDUCT Lessee agrees that the privileges hereby granted will be conducted according to the current edition of the Rules and Regulations of the Lancaster Event Center and the laws of the State of Nebraska and without infringement upon the rights and privileges of others, and Lessee shall not handle or sell any commodity or transact any other business whatsoever upon and within the Lancaster Event Center except that which is herein expressly stipulated and contracted for and will confine transactions to premises and privileges provided herein.
3. RIGHTS Neither this Agreement nor the privileges granted herein can be assigned or otherwise disposed of without the written consent of Lessor. No oral agreements not incorporated herein and no alternations or variations of the terms hereof, unless made in writing and signed by the parties hereto, shall be binding upon any of the parties hereto.
4. GRASS No exhibits or vehicles shall be located or parked on the grass areas without written permission of Lessor.
5. INSPECTION Lessor, by its authorized agents and employees, shall have full unrestricted access to the Lancaster Event Center at all times to examine the condition thereof and to enforce any or all of the Rules and Regulations, but shall not exercise the right in a manner to interfere unreasonably with the business of the Lessee. Complimentary admission for any Lancaster County Agricultural Society Board Members or Lancaster Event Center employees is at the discretion of the show manager, without exception.
6. DAMAGES Lessee shall pay the Lessor full repair or replacement cost, at Lessor's option, for any and all damage caused by the Lessee to the Lancaster Event Center, and the Lessor's buildings, landscaping and improvements. Lessee will surrender the premises to the Lessor in as good condition of repair as when received, ordinary wear excepted. Lessee has examined the premises and knows the condition thereof and accepts in present condition.
7. FIRE SAFETY Lessee shall not block or interfere in any way with fire equipment and maintain 3' clearance around extinguishers, hoses, pull boxes, fire hydrants etc. A minimum 44" clearance path must be maintained in front and back of every people door and hallway for fire exit both inside and outside of buildings. Lessee, exhibitor or vendor equipment blocking access, including in livestock stall corridors, may be asked to be moved. All temporary extension cords, if allowed by Fire Marshall, must be taped down or covered with rug runners but these cords should not be in front of fire exits in any case or major people pathways. LEC has rug runners available for rent. Lessee shall comply with all other requirements and standards of the Fire Marshall's office. See Outside Equipment rules for additional fire safety rules.
8. REMOVAL RIGHTS Lessor reserves the right to remove any exhibits, concessions, signs, banners or advertising matter which may be deemed unsuitable or objectionable by Lessor.
9. PARKED VEHICLES WITH GAS ENGINES Lessee must communicate and help enforce these Fire Marshall rules & regulations for all vehicles inside the buildings: 1. Vendor vehicles are only allowed temporarily in buildings for a short time to actively load and unload during setup and tear down when not open to general public or 2. Display vehicles must have one battery cable disconnected with end taped, gas cap locked and sealed with tape, and no more than ½ tank or 10 gallons of gas (whichever is less). Trailers without gas engine may be displayed with battery connected to run lights. All fueling must occur outside the building. Vehicles cannot be moved during the show, only during setup/tear down when not open to the general public.
10. CHANGES Lessor reserves the right to change Lessee's location or dates, or cancel an event, if Lessor requires the rental facility on the corresponding date or dates.
11. HORSE SHOWS: Pursuant to Nebraska Revised Statute Sections 25 21, 249, et seq.: Warning – Under Nebraska Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to this act.


Payment Terms

Minimum 5% of base space rental value, unless otherwise specified, due as security deposit due within 30 days of signing contract to confirm and hold space for your event.
Final full payment is due on the last day of the event. A monthly service charge of 1.5% (Annual Rate 18%) shall be applied to any balance unpaid 10 days after invoice date.