Outside Food & Beverage

Lancaster Event Center is a non-profit proud to offer a full range of food & beverage services for a variety of events key to our mission of serving local youth and community. We do this while being responsible to maintain current health & safety, fire and alcohol licenses to ensure safety for our guests.

If you have a request for a certain type of food & beverage, please talk with our Food & Beverage Manager and we’ll be happy to do our best to cater to your group’s needs. For specialized needs or to increase capacity or selection we sometimes approve outside food & beverage vendors after they submit the below food & beverage outside food vendor application and pay applicable fees. Lancaster Event Center reserves the sole discretion on which applications are approved and any vendors not following our policies may lose their privileges to serve on our property.


Outside food & beverage vendor permits are required for food & beverage vendors in the following circumstances:

•Any food or beverage prepared on site at the Lancaster Event Center

•Food or beverage competing with Lancaster Event Center food services (e.g. consumed on site, competing for same “stomach”)

•Food & beverage vendors handing out 2 ounce or less samples (food & beverage vendor fee is waived for 2 ounce or less

•Any serving or sampling of alcoholic beverages


NOTE: Permits are not required for food & beverage vendors with pre-packaged food nor are they subject to health or fire code rules.

Outside Food & Beverage Info & Application