With more than 400,000 square feet on 160 acres there is more than enough outdoor space in our NEW grandstand, our expanded campground and our parking lots! And not far off there is plenty of shopping, restaurants and hotels to add to your customer experience.

Square Feet: 80,850

Concrete Square Feet: 11,000

Dimensions: 245x330

Ceiling Height: 14

Arena: 70x200

Livestock Stalls (std (max)): 272 (382)

10x10 Booths: 400

Theatre Style: 11,000

Class Room: 4,500

Banquet: 5,400


Pavilion 2 Stall Chart with 297 stalls with warm up arena

Parking Map

Square Feet: 72,657

Concrete Square Feet: 15,000

Dimensions: 299x243

Ceiling Height: 25

Arena: 115x220

Livestock Stalls (std (max)): 64

10x10 Booths: 400

Theatre Style: 10,000

Class Room: 4,000

Banquet: 4,850


 Pavilion 3 Stall Chart with 80 stalls