May 18, 2015 Updated Equine Biosecurity Measures

In light of the recent equine herpesvirus strain 1 (EHV-1) outbreaks in the
Midwest, we wanted to provide an update to our equine community.

Update from Nebraska State Veterinarian


We talked with Dr. Dudley of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture's State of Nebraska Veterinarian office late last week and we have confirmed that, while EHV-1 is present in other states as we are all hearing, no EHV-1 cases have been diagnosed in Nebraska. Closest in proximity to us are confirmed cases in Iowa where the affected facilities are all under quarantines. Dr. Dudley said the trail of infection goes from Iowa back east towards Kentucky. Facilities and horse owners that were potentially in contact with EHV-1 have all been notified.

Though it is important to use proper biosecurity measures as always, we were assured by Dr. Dudley that an increased state of concern is not in order in Nebraska at this point. 


Upcoming Horse Shows at the Lancaster Event Center

All future horse shows on the Lancaster Event Center schedule are still planned to be held, we are aware of none even considering to change their schedule and many in fact have more horse exhibitors than previous years. We are working with each horse show to create a stalling plan that keeps different shows' horses as separate as possible as we continue to work with each show lead to ensure
the success of each equine show.

Lancaster Event Center Biosecurity Measures Continue

For a year now, we have been using the highly recommended, natural, safe & effective disinfectant used in many horse facilities, called Nixall—folks have comment that it even smells pleasant! You can find more information at

We spray everything that comes into contact with horses (stalls, aisles, arenas, walkways, doorways) after every equine event. Disinfected stalls are zip-tied shut with a Nixall tag and after the stall is used, or simply the zip-tie seal is broken, we disinfect EVERY stall top to bottom (floor, walls, bars) before the next use.

We have been making this investment in the disinfectant materials and labor year-round for a year now. Upon arrival, horse owners will find that we are continuing to offer ready-to-mix Nixall in small bottles and cleaning kits (bucket,
gloves, rags) for purchase at a reasonable price as a convenience for our horse exhibitors, which we can deliver along with shavings.


What Horse Owners Can Do

We encourage horse owners to continue to keep vigilant, as is always recommended when traveling especially, on your own horse's health (working with your own vet on vaccinations, monitoring temperature, etc.) and stay informed about the EHV-1 virus. The Nebraska State Vet has just recently updated their site with many helpful documents for your information:


Please contact your horse show lead if you have further questions, and we encourage horse lead to contact us at the Lancaster Event Center or the Nebraska State Vet with any further questions.


Statement from Nixall: Only EPA disinfectant that will kill all the CDC Super bugs that is NonToxic
to animals and humans! The US Marines and the University of Oregon have shown that the
active ingredient in Nixall is 100 times more effective than bleach. See for more
information. DISCLAIMER This Lancaster Event Center Memo is for informational purposes only.
The document information was drawn from a variety of reputable sources and attention to detail
was taken in preparation, however, the Lancaster County Agricultural Society and the Lancaster
Event Center offer no guaranty of completeness or effectiveness of the recommendations and
protocols for achieving infection control at equine events.