Especially for Kids

Fun at the Farm Kid Zone

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Fun at the Farm

Pavilion 1

Aug 2-5, 10am - 10pm

This is an agricultural discover & play area where children have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of farming. They'll get to see how food goes from the farm to their table by learning the stages of food production: harvesting, storage, processing, packaging, sales, and consumption. A variety of common farm animals will also be on display. Sponsored by the Lancaster County Farm Bureau.


Be a Jr. Super Fair Tour Guide


Multi-Purpose Arena (Super Fair Info Booth)

Aug 2-5, 10am - 10pm

Become a Super Fair expert! Complete a scavenger hunt and you'll receive a free t-shirt & coupons (while supplies last). See how you can participate by approaching our Super Fair Info Booth!


McClain's Mutton Bustin'

A smiling boy wearing a helmet clings to the back of a sheep which seems suprisingly okay with this

Pavilion 3

Thursday, August 2 at 6pm

Mutton Bustin' is a fun, sheep-riding rodeo event for kids 3 and up! Just hop on a sheep and hang on for the ride of your life. Its fun to watch and fun to do! It's great entertainment for everyone! Please read the rules, regulations and waiver before filling out the form.


Kids Ranch Rodeo

a group of young children race on brightly colored stick horses

Pavilion 3

Thursday, August 2 at 5:30pm

The rodeo is just as competitive as a traditional ranch rodeo, but the wooden horses won’t buck you off. This event is perfect for toddlers working up to Mutton Bustin’.


Big Wheel Race 

Big Wheel Race

Photo by Nancy Radcliff

Exhibit Hall

Saturday, August 4

Registration at 1:30pm, Race at 2pm

The Big Wheel Race is a chance for your kids to come out and race their big wheels! Bring your big wheel to the fair and let the good times roll!


Pedal Tractor Pull

pedal tractor pull

Exhibit Hall

Saturday, August 4

Registration at 2:30pm, Race at 3pm

At the Tractor Pull, all ages can compete in child and adult classes to push a pedal tractor down a track as more weight is slowly added.